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MLC2020 Altis 1/10 Touring
New body, produced by Lamberto Collari, also for the 1/10 Touring scale.
Developed with particular solutions, within the limits of the EFRA rules, it provides a very incisive road holding to the model.
(not painted)

MLC2020/1 Altis 1/10 Touring
Exclusive pre-painted version.



MLC2019 A-R10
The new A-R10 body has an all new aerodynamics, in comparison to the P908.
To optimize this style, this body presents a little driver, and it is featured by a great "down force". It is supplied only with the thin Lexan Light" material.
(not painted)

MLC2019/1 A-R10
Exclusive pre-painted version.

MLC2018/4 Rivets to strengthen the body

Nylon rivets, lightweight and easy to apply.
Often, after some washes the usual double sided tape do not attach anymore.
To have resistance, after to have placed the reinforcement in the usual way, drill a 1.5 mm hole, and with a simple fit in, you will apply the rivets.



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