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The MLC - Motorsport accessories are projected and built under the specific requests of Lamberto Collari that follows the strict tests on the track.
This is to be able to offer you exclusive tuning parts, of the best quality.

disc springs

MLC2013 Disc springs

The disc springs are used in all systems where the spaces and the movements are decidedly reduced.
The new disc springs have the characteristic of having a much longer life compared to a coil spring and guarantee the same elasticity from begin to end the race.
The disc springs are supplied in a bag with 12 pieces.
6 pieces of 0.4 mm and 6 pieces of 0,6mm.
Usually we use 6 pieces of 0.6 mm and 5 pieces of 0.4 mm and one opposed to the other as regards the 1/8 scale on road.
The disc springs you can use in multiple ways and different thicknesses.
So You can have fun finding the best solution.

MLC2010 Clutch TQ 2012

The main feature of this clutch TQ for 1/8 on road is the system of inverted centrifugal shoes which combined with a Ultra Light treatment flywhell increases the power of your engine under acceleration.





Special greases for r/c model cars

MLC16040 bearings (yellow cap)
MLC16041 graphite (grey cap)
MLC16042 swing shaft (blue cap)
MLC16043 thrust bearing (green cap)
MLC16044 complete set 4 pcs. (multicolor)

MLC16300 Belts product

The product give to the drive belts a better fluency and protection against the dirt.


Olii al silicone

MLC17110 Silicon Oil 100 60ml
MLC17115 Silicon Oil 150 60ml
MLC17120 Silicon Oil 200 60ml
MLC17125 Silicon Oil 250 60ml
MLC17130 Silicon Oil 300 60ml
MLC17135 Silicon Oil 350 60ml
MLC17140 Silicon Oil 400 60ml
MLC17145 Silicon Oil 450 60ml
MLC17150 Silicon Oil 500 60ml
MLC17160 Silicon Oil 600 60ml
MLC17170 Silicon Oil 700 60ml
MLC17180 Silicon Oil 800 60ml
MLC17190 Silicon Oil 900 60ml
MLC17210 Silicon Oil 1000 60ml

MLC17220 Silicon Oil 2000 60ml
MLC17225 Silicon Oil 2500 60ml
MLC17230 Silicon Oil 3000 60ml
MLC17250 Silicon Oil 5000 60ml
MLC17270 Silicon Oil 7000 60ml
MLC17280 Silicon Oil 8000 60ml
MLC17310 Silicon Oil 10000 60ml
MLC17312 Silicon Oil 12000 60ml
MLC17315 Silicon Oil 15000 60ml
MLC17320 Silicon Oil 20000 60ml
MLC17325 Silicon Oil 25000 60ml
MLC17330 Silicon Oil 30000 60ml
MLC17340 Silicon Oil 40000 60ml
MLC17350 Silicon Oil 50000 60ml
MLC17410 Silicon Oil 100000 60ml

MLC 16200 Poly Past

Special rubber captures dirt in the most difficult cavities



MLC 16031 Air filter oil Racing, 50ml

MLC16099 After run, 50ml
After using the engine , put a few drops inside the carburetor and exhaust. Prevents oxidation maintaining the parts oiled.
AFTER RUN is also recommended to use after washing the inside of the engine with degreasers.

MLC16100 Ball Racing oil, 16ml
Special oil for bearings

MLC16101 One-way bearing oil, 16ml
Special oil for one-way bearing


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