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Lamberto Collari For most of us who are born in Emilia Romagna, a passion for engines is something that we are born with, something in our DNA that pushes us to race and to dream. My passion for engines started off like this and became more and more real over the years. My father was the one who opened up the "race track" for me by giving me my first remote controlled electric car when I was just five years old. He was passionate about motor-driven models especially speedboats. I got my first petrol-driven car when I was 7. They had just built a Futura model car track next to my house, so my father and I were there every weekend. I remember my first car well; it was a VCS 111 by SG.
At the beginning I just wanted to have fun and boy did I have fun! Competitions never entered my head. But then, in 1982, on my Futura home track that had been built for having fun, I won a regional race, my first race, my first victory. I won that race and at end of the season won the Emilia Romagna Regional Championship too. Since then I have won 9 World Championships and 6 European in 1/8 on road class, the so-called formula one of model cars. Every race is just like the first, the same thoughts, fears and desire to win.
In 2005, the championship was held in Messina (Italy). This was a hugely significant race for me. I had always wanted to compete and win the World Championship in my country in front of my people before I retired. It was like a dream come true, as once again I stepped up to that podium to collect my 7th World Title.L.Collari
As you know, in 2006 I made some important changes. I went back to the Novarossi team. The team worked well and had great success, but our plans were focused on 2007 for the World Championship that would be held in Argentina.
2007. It would be silly to tell you what you already know. I can only add that I set another personal record and also a record in the history of model car racing by winning my 6th European Title in Lostallo (Switzerland) and my 8th World Title in Cordoba (Argentina).
L.Collari2009. Twenty years after winning my first world title (Heemstede - The Netherlands) are still for the 9th time on the top of the world in Swiss Lostallo track and with me also Kyosho and Novarossi.
Each race is unique, and I work hard to be the winner. Of course there is real competition out there, but I always say: respect everyone fear no one.
So, this is summary of my journey, a journey made as a real fan of the sport first and as a professional second. A journey of curves, straight bits and chicanes but also bumps, long pit-stops and some breakdowns. But it's also a journey made by important men like my father who looks after the engine side of things, the pit lane mechanics Andrea and Luca and all those who have helped me become "The Legend".
For all those who love this hobby and especially those who want to make it a profession, believe in yourselves, practice hard as this will help your driving skills as well as giving you the experience to optimize you model.
Do this and enjoy yourselves and if you've got ambitions to become champions that's fine but remember be patient, as I'm not ready to retire yet!!!




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